In “Perceval” (“through this valley”), we are at the bottom of oceans exploring inner and outer spheres.  The work explores sensation, softness and fluidity, as the dancers melt into a multi-textured entity interdisciplinarily composed of dance, textile, light, colour and soundscape. Abstract elements fragment and regroup into various constellations and mixtures. The dancers fold and unfold, they spiral in and out of each other warping time as they slow down the breath of the space. Seeking to arrive at the baseline of things, they each begin to find their way.

The inspirational source of the work is taken from the “Parsifal series” (1916) by Swedish painter Hilma af Klint. Beginning with a dark spiral, the series spans 144 paintings, exploring different levels of consciousness. The work appeals to the present with its longing for meaning and connection in a still more complex world. “Perceval” is a meditative experience with delicate costumes, organic choreography, video art and ambient soundscapes.

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Choreographer & director:
Louise Mochia (DK) in collaboration with all dancers involved

Zen Jefferson (USA), Meleat Fredriksson (SE), Adam Seid Tahir (SE), and Nikoline Due (DK)

Stine Steendorph (DK) and Sven Dam Meinild (DK)

Video artist/scenographer:
My Lambertsen/SLØR (DK)

Lighting designer:
Christoffer Lloyd (SE)

Costume designer:
Elisabet Stamm (DK)

Christoffer Brekne (DK/NO)

Co-produced 2022 by Bora-Bora - Dance and Visual Theater and Dansehallerne

Production & administration:

Generously supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Nordic Culture Fund, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond, Danish-Swedish Culture Fund, and residency partners; Milvus Artistic Research Center and ROUTA Company.

English / Danish

SITKA LOUISA is a Copenhagen-based, abstract dance company founded by choreographer Louise Mochia, whose work explores the world of human experience and relationship to Earth with body positive embodiment practices and diverse representation.