“... an incredibly beautiful artistic expression that is guaranteed to hypnotize the audience. … it truly takes the audience through a valley of organic color, sound, feeling, light and body waves.”

Freya Quvang, Ungt Teaterblod ☆☆☆☆☆

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“At one point I even catch myself sitting in a kind of trance state. I don't think I've ever experienced that in a theater before. …I have a hard time letting go of the colorful performance on the way home in the winter white evening. I think Hilma af Klint would be proud.”

Kathrine Bo Hansen, Den 4. Væg

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“Louise Mochia captures both the many, stored codes of the painting and the general preoccupation of Parsifal and spirituality at the time. The dancers vividly resolve the schism between the universal, meditative and the noisy confrontation with an ego.”

Dorte Grannov Balslev, iscene ☆☆☆☆

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“Sitka Louisa's Perceval is an impressive attempt to translate Hilma af Klint's abstract picture series Parsifal into the world of dance.”

Sandra Cecilie Quist, Bastard

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Meleat Fredriksson (SE) by My Lambertsen (DK)

English / Danish

SITKA LOUISA is a Copenhagen-based, abstract dance company founded by choreographer Louise Mochia, whose work explores the world of human experience and relationship to Earth with body positive embodiment practices and diverse representation.