Somatic Movement

Part of Louise Mochia’s personal and professional practices, are somatic modalities and forms of movement. Since 2020 Louise is an authorised teacher of Fascial Flow® and an authorised Continuum Movement® Teacher in Training. 

what is somatic movement

Transformative practice

Somatic Movement enhances human function and body-mind integration through mindful and restorative movement.

Somatics is a fiction constructed by Thomas Hanna in the early 1970s by adding that little “s” onto an adjective that had been variously used before to denote the physical dimension of the self.” Don Hanlon Johnson

Mission statement

Continuum Movement

“Continuum Movement® is a dynamic inquiry into what it is to be a human being, providing a somatic experiential method to consciously explore yourself as an unfolding biological and planetary process.” Find out more

Mission statement

Fascial Flow

“Fascial Flow® comprises slow and gentle movements that allow for conscious contact with your bodily senses. The result is a wonderful experience of presence, focus and sensing in the body while the connective tissue and fluids in the body are explored.” Find out more